The regional delivery of ALS, BLS, and routine and specialty transportation services, and the related education in support of all services provided by Susquehanna Health.

Provide high quality EMS, medical transportation services, and education to the communities we serve.

To be the leading regional EMS and medical transportation provider.

We will continue to be leaders in the prehospital and educational environments at the local and State level, with continued attention to quality and value.
Specifically, we will:

  • Be providing home health care interventions
  • Be the sole System provider for BCLS training
  • Become the primary transport system for all medical needs for medical transportation
  • Be a billing service for ALS and BLS
  • Be the primary contract provider for transports for regional HMO needs
  • Have integrated WAASC and Paramedic Department Services
  • Have prehospital staff well prepared to meet the changes in scopes of practice and environment of practice
  • Developed cooperatives with occupational health, home health, and other such services to provide prevention and education services to the community
  • Provide Medical Direction for BLS AED programs to include industrial environments and schools
  • Develop a regional EMS plan
  • Be using a single bill process
  • Cooperate with the Pennsylvania College of Technology to provide field preceptor services and field rotations for Student Paramedics and participate on the advisory commitee