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In 1986 Williamsport Area Ambulance Service (WAAS) is formed to meet the increasing demand for transfers at Williamsport Hospital.  Three area fire companies First Ward, Old Lycoming, and Duboistown, and Williamsport Hospital join together to form WAAS.  The cooperative agreement between the hospital and the three volunteer fire companies is the first such agreement in Pennsylvania.  Williamsport Hospital now has a paid 8-5 ambulance to handle routine transfers in and out of the system.  The volunteer fire companies agree to handle routine transfers and receive reimbursement from the hospital for every transfer.  This greatly increases the capabilities of the hospital to manage transfers in a timely fashion and supports the community volunteer agencies.

In 1988 Williamsport Hospital agrees to staff Loyalsock’s MICU and Divine Providence Hospital starts their own prehospital service: Medic 2 starts at Divine Providence Hospital.

In 1989 Williamsport Hospital again reorganizes its paramedic service.  The single two man squad (Medic 1) splits and forms two single paramedic squads at Old Lycoming (Medic 91) and South Williamsport (Medic 1-91) Fire Departments.

In 1992 the City of Williamsport requests a second ambulance to help cover the increasing volume of calls in the city.  Amb 91 with two EMT’s is started to help cover the calls in the city and assist with transfers for Williamsport Hospital

In 1995 Williamsport Hospital, Divine Providence and Muncy Valley Hospital combine to form Susquehanna Health.  Services across the three campuses are combined to reduce duplication of services and Prehospital is one of the first departments to combine.

January 1995

  • MICU 91 at Williamsport Hospital
  • Medic 91 at Old Lycoming
  • Medic 1-91 at South Williamsport
  • MICU 18 at Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company
  • Medic 2-91 at Muncy
  • Platoon Chiefs created
  • Amb 91 at Divine Providence Hospital

In 2002, the WAASC board of directors sees the future of EMS changing and initiates a strategic planning process.

Also in 2002 the Williamsport Hospital Paramedic Training Institute is transitioned to Pennsylvania College of Technology and now offers paramedic training as an associate’s degree program.

In 2005, the strategic plan is finished and meetings with the Williamsport Bureau of Fire and Loyalsock Fire Department take place.  The WAASC board approves the strategic plan and now operational plans are created.

In 2006 members of the three fire companies approve WAASC Operational Plan.  Meetings with County Fire Departments, DPS, 911 center, and county commissioner ensue.

June 24, 2007 Susquehanna Regional EMS (SREMS) is started.

  • MICU 91 at Old Lycoming
  • MICU 1-91 at South Williamsport
  • MICU 2-91 at Divine Providence Hospital
  • Medic 1-91 at Willing Hand Hose Company Montoursville
  • Medic 2-91 at Muncy
  • Platoon Chiefs at Williamsport Hospital

Our current system consists of the following:

  • Medic 2-91 at Muncy
  • Platoon Chief (Medic 1-91) at Willing Hand Hose Company, Montoursville
  • MICU 91 at Old Lycoming Volunteer Fire Company
  • MICU 1-91 at First Ward Fire Company, South Williamsport
  • MICU 2-91 at Company 4, Sheridan and Almond Streets, Williamsport

Statewide awards won by our staff:

  • Paramedic of the Year
  • EMT of the Year
  • EMS Instructor of the Year
  • Rescue Technician of the Year
  • Joe E. Grottenthaler award
  • Physician of the Year
  • John Pryor Street Medicine Award

Numerous regional awards won by our staff

We were the third paramedic training institute in the nation to be accredited by the AMA

Created the first not-for-profit Cooperative in the state and the first successful Cooperative Nationally